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My instant images are almost all for sale. If you're interested in purchasing one, please send me an email: gaudier.henry@gmail.com

bbbbbbbebe asked: Why aren't you a writer, homie? Perhaps you are. I wouldn't know because I hardly see you anymore!

My fumbling with words is even more embarrassing, in act and substance alike, than my fumbling with cameras. I can stake myself to only one category of public humiliation. But to the greater and more immediate purpose: it is true that we should hang out again soon.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever have a long distance relationship?

Yes. I have been in several. Of various distances and lengths. Across various types of terrain. They have all been different and curiously the same.

katlynlacoste asked: why is mid century modern so captivating.

For the same reason that any work of art or any artistic style is captivating: because it provides, in aesthetic complex, the liberation from time and space.

Anonymous asked: What type of lighting do you use? For like your 'Bardot' series, especially the girl with an almost black background? (Love it!!). Also do you shoot in the studio or always on set?

I rarely shoot in a studio. Almost all of my lighting is natural light.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a certain look you like to shoot or are you open? Wondering because I think your work is amazing and would love to be in front of the lens.

Thank you for the kind words. I do not have a specific type. I want to shoot anyone who I think I can take an interesting photo of. If you want to work with me, send me an email.


Henry Gaudier

Audrey Kitching and I

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Anonymous asked: Where are you from?

Philadelphia, Pa.


The 20’s in B/W - Henry Gaudier-Greene


Had a quick and wonderful shoot this morning with @henrygaudier . #models #photoshoots #bts #nomakeup #latergram #philly #rva


Had a quick and wonderful shoot this morning with @henrygaudier . #models #photoshoots #bts #nomakeup #latergram #philly #rva


Get in line, she’s mine. Shoot with @akitching @henrygaudier


Get in line, she’s mine. Shoot with @akitching @henrygaudier

Ali Crider (6X7)

Ali Crider (6X7)

Ongoing Fujiroid/Polaroid Sale: I am selling off most of my instant photos, including a number that have never been posted. If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind photo, please send me a note.

prints of Brooke Lynne


i’m selling prints of my modeling for sale by talented photographers, such as Adrian Carmody, Dave Levingston, and a self-portrait of my own.

Currently I am in a bit of a bind. My bills and student loan payments are piling on top of me, and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment.

I am very interested in hearing others opinions on what you’d be interested in buying, if none of the selections for sale interest you.

Anyway, thank you in advance for even just looking. Your support to independent artists never goes under appreciated!


Signal boosts appreciated!

Buy something from Brooke. Her work is beautiful.

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